Apple Could Bet Big on iOS in the Car Next Year

iOS in the car could be in 35 million cars by 2018

In June of this year, Apple introduced iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and the new Mac Pro. However, there were more presentations that did not have the same repercussion, despite being something fundamental for the future. iOS in the car was presented to improve safety, by interacting with our device while driving and of course the entertainment ” on board . iOS in the car has not yet reached any car, although firms such as Ferrari, Nissan or Volvo have already expressed their interest in integrating it into their next cars.

A report by ABI Research clarifies that, in the next 5 years, cars with mobile device integration will increase substantially . The figure they are contemplating is 35 million cars by 2018, of which Apple could have a large representation (close to 50% of the total). Gareth Owen, the company’s main analyst, states that ” Apple seems to have a very aggressive plan to launch iOS in the car in 2014 “.

Apple Could Bet Big on iOS in the Car Next Year
Apple Could Bet Big on iOS in the Car Next Year

Already at the WWDC, Apple’s managers talked about this application as something very important and one of the company’s keys to progress . It was not misguided. More and more, users are looking for the total integration of their devices with their daily environment. Televisions, refrigerators, locks and even light bulbs have succumbed to the fever of multi-device control.

Multi-device integration has reached many areas of our lives

In this report, it expresses the concern of some car manufacturers:

With the arrival of Google’s self-driven cars, the automotive sector has become a new market niche to be exploited by technology companies . A few months ago, Apple was quick to patent its touch screen for cars. As pointed out by Cult Of Mac, the car is one of the few places where we still cannot enjoy the benefits of full connectivity. If what this report says is true, Apple has a big market here.

And you, do you already use some integration system with your car? Do you want this to happen or do you see it as useless and insecure? Tell us everything you think about this subject.

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