Apple could be working on an absolutely unbreakable iPhone

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Apple continues to take the pulse of the FBI in defending the privacy of its users and safeguarding the information contained in iPhones. And Cupertino’s signature, could deliver a definitive blow to consolidate its positions making the iPhone absolutely unbreakable as we can read in the New York Times. This medium does not specify whether it would be a new iPhone, or on the contrary, a system update applicable to all iPhones, although we tend to think that it is the latter.

Apple could be working on an absolutely unbreakable iPhone
Apple could be working on an absolutely unbreakable iPhone

According to the prestigious newspaper, which quotes sources “very close to the company”, Apple would manage to create systems that would be impossible to access even if the judicial authorities agree with the FBI , that is, completely armoured. The idea is that if the US authorities wanted to access another iPhone, they would no longer be able to use the technique of brute force, which would lead to a new cycle in the courts and new assistance from Apple.

In fact, if this rumor is confirmed, the only way to access these iPhones would be through the mediation of Congress , something that Apple would be seeking precisely to ensure in some way the defense of the privacy of its users, who would no longer depend on the direct will of the authorities. It is difficult to know, but Apple would at least manage to bring this debate to the highest chamber of the country, and together with it, a debate that in the end has a great depth.

The newspaper concludes with something that makes a lot of sense: Apple’s defence of users’ privacy is an excellent marketing campaign for the iPhone , since the user makes sure that his or her data is completely safe with this terminal, something that, for the moment, its rivals cannot claim.

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