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“Apple copied the iPhone 6 design for us.”

As with every Apple iPhone release, the entire community wonders what they will look like, what they will be like, what new features they will introduce into their aesthetics, and so on. Rumors are rampant and comments begin to pour in, it’s already a ritual. This year no less, several prototypes of what the phone could look like have appeared. According to MacWorld , a Chinese smartphone manufacturer called Digione claims that the design of Cupertino’s latest phone is a plagiarism of his design for one of his phones.

About Digione’s Smartphone

The Chinese manufacturer sells its devices under the 100+ brand. The price of their devices is around $130 on average. The phone from the Chinese company that Apple is accused of plagiarizing has a 5.5 inch screen (size of the iPhone 6 Plus) , comes with Android and is on sale in colors: black, gray, white, gold, and here we can see them:

The Chinese manufacturer’s claim to the Apple company

“Apple copied the iPhone 6 design for us.”
“Apple copied the iPhone 6 design for us.”

The company reportedly sent a letter to Apple explaining the facts in September, right after the iPhone was launched. As no response was received, Digione published the letter it had sent to the Californian company on Monday, December 1st. It seems that this is not an unfounded hoax. Everything points to the fact that the Chinese phone manufacturer would have registered the patent with SIPO, although it was not processed until the summer of this year. In this image we could see the design of the phone that Digione was planning to launch. However, when we see it we also ask ourselves: And isn’t this phone very similar to the iPhone 5 (when the 6 had not been launched yet)? As we had been saying, the company would have remained impassive to the reception of the letter from the Chinese manufacturer who sent it to them in September. So the manufacturer has decided to make it public. The patent was registered according to the information we received in January of this year.

Digione’s idea would be to launch the phone in various colors, which as we have seen Apple has not done, since it offers it in the colors white and gray.

“I declare Apple…” Awaiting sentence

And going back to the issue of whether the plagiarism could have been the other way around, if we go to the Chinese manufacturer’s website we can see certain similarities with respect to Apple’s website. Likewise, the idea of phones with different colors was already in Apple’s hands when it launched its range of iPhone 5C smartphones. As usually happens in all these cases of lawsuits between companies for plagiarism, we are probably facing a long and costly process, both in terms of time and money, for both companies. In the end, we will find out if Apple is really accused of having infringed the company’s patent or if it is not found guilty of plagiarism. In time, we will wait to see if justice demands that it decipher some of its iPhones.

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