Apple Continues to Pay Attention to Detail: iOS 6 Features

iOS 6 will introduce more than 200 improvements according to the latest Keynote. A rather high number considering that the really important new features they presented are not more than a fortnight. If you are wondering where the other improvements are, in this article we show you two. On the aesthetic level, Apple takes more care of its products than any other manufacturer. After the jump, we’ll show you two details that don’t improve performance, but do make our eyes happy.

I remember once, back in 2010, I decided to open my MacBook to expand its memory and add an SSD. Nothing out of the ordinary, I had already opened many computers when I was working, the one for clients, family, mine… What’s going on? Well, basically I think that’s when I realized that Apple was different. That motherboard was a marvel; everything was well distributed, in harmony. I dare say it was even beautiful.

Apple Continues to Pay Attention to Detail: iOS 6 Features
Apple Continues to Pay Attention to Detail: iOS 6 Features

With this purely personal example, I just want to introduce you to the idea that Apple takes care of the details , all the details, even the most insignificant. You may like its products more or less, you may find them expensive, useless, or you may think that a PC does everything that a Mac does. But you have to admit something, whether you like it or not, aesthetically and in terms of detail, they’re masters.

With the release of iOS 6 this has not changed. If you’ve had a chance to test the first iOS 6 beta, you’ll have noticed that everything is pretty much the same, but if you look at the details there are a lot of things that have changed . In this case I’ll tell you about two things in particular. Two simple details, which do not improve the functionality of the system at all, but which demonstrate what I was advocating in the introduction.

The first one refers to that wheel that turns when you turn off your iOS device . You probably never noticed this, but if you look at it, that wheel is the last remaining lonely bastion of the pre-Retina era. Its resolution doesn’t do justice to the display of new devices, and in iOS 5 you can see that. However, in iOS 6 the resolution of this wheel has changed and is now as perfect and sharp as the rest of the system.

The second can only be found on terminals running iOS 6 (beta). This is the volume bar of the music application . In the new Apple operating system more than 200 new improvements have been introduced, I guess this is one of the ones that inflate the list. If you look closely (watch the video), the ball that controls the volume bar shines dynamically . Thanks to the accelerometer, when we move our iPhone, the brightness of this ball will change in tune with our movements.

Useful? Well, no, but I like to see that Cupertino’s people keep pampering the details. In short, things like this make them different.

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