Apple continues to devour Android in the US

Apple se hunde en India: solo 1 de cada 100 móviles es un iPhone

En el caso de España, los datos también son bastante optimistas, dado que la cuota de mercado ha crecido un 3.8% hasta 11.8% , comparado con los datos del años pasado, siendo todos ellos usuarios de Android que han dado el cambio a Apple. Así, podemos ver que, lejos de ver como Apple desaparece como muchos auguraban, la compañía sigue ganando sus batallas con la misma fuerza o más que en pasados años. Habrá que ver si la próxima generación ayuda a este crecimiento.

Apple continues to devour Android in the US
Apple continues to devour Android in the US

Apple has always maintained a certain dominance over the US market. In the end, it is a country where the Apple brand has always been very well regarded , even more so than in much of the world, and not only for designing its products in the country, but for making them almost a part of American culture. And with the iPhone, since its very launch in 2007, it has been no different, managing to get into the pockets of millions of U.S. citizens.

However, other manufacturers have never given Apple a break, and are increasingly presenting more comprehensive offers that appeal to all types of users . The problem for them is that Apple has also learned a few things since it launched its first phone, such as avoiding selling just one model and trying to have one for every pocket, although in many cases it requires an additional contract. And thanks to this strategy, they are managing to keep their main competitors at bay.

According to the study conducted by Kantar, the iPhone’s market share has shot up in the second quarter of 2018, rising by 5.9% to 38.7% compared to last year.

This is due to the company’s wide range of products, as many users have chosen to purchase an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus instead of an iPhone X. In fact, 8 of the 10 top-selling phones in the country this quarter were iPhone models, ranging from the iPhone SE to the iPhone X.

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