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Apple Continues to Be the Best Support Company

Apple is known not only for its products, but for the great after-sales service behind them. This is something that customers take very seriously when they buy one of them and one of the key factors when recommending an Apple device. This satisfaction has already been rewarded on numerous occasions and, once again, a survey has revealed that Cupertino’s can boast of having the best technical support in the whole industry.

Consumer Reports reveals in a survey of its subscribers that Apple remains the best company in technical support

Consumer Reports has just released the results of its latest subscriber survey and the result shows that users have once again chosen Apple, for another year, as the best support company. Thus, Apple repeats the award for the second consecutive time, but this time, improving the score obtained last year.

Apple Continues to Be the Best Support Company
Apple Continues to Be the Best Support Company

Cupertino’s obtained a score of 86 out of 100 based on the level of satisfaction regarding technical support and after-sales assistance. To give you an idea, the score for Windows-based computers is 24 out of 40.

As the survey shows, Apple has solved even more problems than independent computer shops (where everyone usually goes when they have a computer problem). Specifically, 88% of the problems were solved in the Apple Store through its Genius Bar. Generally speaking, l a company solved 82% of all the problems presented by scientists.

Undoubtedly, and as we could read in electronista, a great news for Apple, which once again sees rewarded the effort and care they put into customer service, one of the pillars of the company’s philosophy.

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