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Apple Considers Building a Huge Campus in San Jose

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La construcción del Campus 2 de Apple ya va bastante avanzada, os dejamos con un nuevo vídeo que ha aparecido en YouTube:

Apple Considers Building a Huge Campus in San Jose
Apple Considers Building a Huge Campus in San Jose

No se conocen más detalles acerca del acuerdo o de los planes de Apple y su construcción en San José. Lo que sí que sabemos es que hay demasiados rumores sobre los Campus de Apple. ¿Creéis que piensan construir tantos Campus?

Apple is building a Campus in Cupertino , California, the “Infinite Loop”. A construction that we have already been able to see through aerial images taken by drones. But apart from that Campus, Apple could be planning to build another one…

A couple of months ago, rumors indicated that Apple would build another campus in Sunnyvale, and now sources indicate that Apple plans to expand its operation with a giant building in San Jose, California.

The technology company is seeking to sign an agreement with the city that would include the development of the construction of a new complex, although that agreement would not guarantee that Apple would begin construction.

Apple has bought 43 hectares in San Jose for 138 million dollars

The complex to be built, supposedly, in San Jose could be of more than 4 million square feet , according to the sources. Apple bought 43 hectares in an area of San Jose for, no more and no less, than 138 million dollars .

However, from what appears to be the case, the bitten apple company would have an interest in doubling the size of this acquisition . So we would be talking about a new Campus (if that’s what Apple plans to build) of gigantic proportions.

The San Jose Planning Commission will think about the proposed agreement later this month to determine whether Apple will be allowed to use the area we are talking about. If all goes well, Apple would have the rights in the area for 15 years.

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