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Apple confirms the function of its new keyboard’s silicone membrane

A few days ago, we were talking about the MacBook Pro 2018 and its new third-generation butterfly keyboard that iFixRapid took apart. During this disassembly it was discovered that Apple had incorporated a silicone membrane in each of the keys of the keyboard, something that Cupertino’s company did not confirm at any time, but today an internal report has been leaked confirming the function of this new silicone membrane.

If we go to the Apple website, and specifically in the section on MacBook Pro 2018, we can see that they comment that the new butterfly keyboard system improves the stability of the keys by reducing noise when typing so we can work without making much noise while typing. At no time is there any mention of a new mechanism to prevent debris from getting under the keys.

Apple confirms the function of its new keyboard’s silicone membraneApple confirms the function of its new keyboard’s silicone membrane

Although at no time have they publicly reported the function of the membrane, they have done so through an internal note to employees of the company as well as to technicians in the support documentation of this new Mac. The section that talks about the butterfly keyboard is the following:

As we can read, confirms that the membrane under the keys prevents any foreign substance from entering the mechanism , and also the spacebar replacement system has changed. This is a clever solution to a problem that has arisen on many models, making typing annoying because you could feel a sticky sensation with quite a bad shift when typing.

This membrane, which despite having some pores , will stop the entry of food scraps and most of the dust, making it so that in the long run we don’t have to change the keyboard because of a problem with the key movement.

This measure should have been announced from the first day to the user and not try to camouflage it in this way. But if they recognize that they have solved a problem that they initially said did not exist, they would look very bad.

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