Apple confirms that the iOS 7 interface is still in process

The presentation of the new iOS 7 last Monday has left no one indifferent. The design has been one of the most controversial aspects of this new image of iOS much more fresh, simple and colorful. There has been a considerable change from what we were used to, but what we have seen so far is just a glimpse of a work in progress of what will finally be iOS 7.

This Monday was the presentation of Apple’s new iOS 7. A presentation that was very marked by the new image of the operating system mobile where the simplification and new design of the icons took much of the spotlight.

Apple confirms that the iOS 7 interface is still in process
Apple confirms that the iOS 7 interface is still in process

Without a doubt the new icon design in iOS 7 has been a radical change compared to iOS 6 showing a much simpler, lighter and easier aesthetics. In fact, the designs are so different that it is even surprising that they could have come from the same team of designers who previously worked on iOS 6. And in fact in this aspect there has been a change of strategy within Apple as different sources close to the company have been able to confirm.

First of all, many of the new icons in iOS 7 were not designed by the application design team but by members of Apple’s marketing and communications department. Jony Ive himself requested the collaboration with different departments of the company to set up the look and colour palette to be used in the icon set that makes up iOS 7. Subsequently, after collecting feedback and recommendations from other departments, the application design team did their work based on these recommendations and color ranges as a guide.

There is also talk of the lack of communication between the different teams that started to come up with this new design, and it seems that existed as a kind of competition between them giving rise to different designs. The result is that some icons we see in iOS 7 do not keep the same line and we can see certain inconsistencies in the design of icons that of course must be polished and improved for the official launch.

What happened?

Apple’s goal was precisely to achieve a radical change in design . Apple needed a stylish and psychological break with the design that had until now marked the interface of its operating system. To do this they decided that the best thing was the involvement of new people to help break the continuity of a style.

As we all could see last Monday the result is surprisingly different resulting in a totally different iconography for this new iOS 7. Icons play a key role in the first impression of iOS 7, they act as a business card and this design process has only just begun.

Much work ahead

According to The Next Web, what we actually saw of iOS 7 in last Monday’s presentation was just a snapshot halfway through what will eventually be the design of the operating system. The design and development team are still working at full speed and what we saw is just a snapshot of a work in progress.

That’s why between now and the official release of iOS 7 we will see many changes both in the icon design and other visual aspects. There are still many details to be polished and refined to remove some of the inconsistencies in the design that we’ve seen so far. One of the designs that is most likely to be modified is the lock screen and it seems that the date pointing upwards has created some confusion when it comes to unlocking the device among those who have been able to test iOS 7.

Of course this is all guesswork but if there is one thing that is clear it is that we are going to see more changes between this iOS 7 beta and its final version than in any other iOS version. This is logical since iOS 7 is the biggest design change in iOS that we have seen so far. If we think about the previous iOS 6, from its beta to its final version we can talk about a 15% of changes in functions and design. In the case of iOS 7 it is likely that the amount of changes will affect 35% or 40% of what we have seen to date, especially in the design.

With a design team made up of new people with Jony Ive at the head, the help of the developers and the feedback from users, we are sure to see an improved design that will give a new fresh air to Apple to take it forward into this new era.

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