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Apple Confirms Date and Time for WWDC 2015

We already know the time at which we will be able to see Apple’s keynote at this year’s WWDC, specifically on June 8th at 10 am Pacific time, 7 pm in Spain and one hour less in the Canary Islands . It has been made known thanks to Apple’s official WWDC application.

There is quite a lot of expectation around the event, as we will finally learn about the new features of iOS 9 and the new OS X 10.11 version for Mac computers, among many other things that we have been hearing about for several weeks now. We’ll tell you some of the things we hope to see and learn in the keynote from the apple company.

What’s New at WWDC 2015

Apple Confirms Date and Time for WWDC 2015
Apple Confirms Date and Time for WWDC 2015

In addition to new versions of Apple’s operating systems for both mobile devices and Macs, Apple is also expected to announce its new streaming music service , which has been dubbed Apple Music. We do not know if there will be any new hardware in Apple’s keynote, perhaps some new information about the new Apple TV , which we told you about a few days ago, that would come to renew the range after almost three years without any news about it.

Perhaps iOS 9 is what has been talked about the most over the last few months and it is possible that much of that keynote is dedicated to the ninth version of the mobile operating system of the apple. A version that focuses on the stability and performance of the system, rather than providing new features or functionality. Perhaps some of the new features presented in this new version will give us a clue related to the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models.

Little has been said about the OS X 10.11 system, beyond the fact that Apple will introduce a new font, San Francisco, which it has used in its Watch and which improves the display of texts. But Apple could surprise us with some new features related to OS X, so we will have to wait until Monday June 8th to see what they surprise us with.

This year’s WWDC event will be held at Moscone West in San Francisco, June 8-12, and will feature more than 1,000 Apple engineers who will help developers with more than 100 lectures , both technical and practical. The event will also serve as the venue for the Apple Design Awards, where the best applications for 2014 will be presented.

Download WWDC application for iPhone and iPad

If you want to know all the talks and news of this year’s WWDC event, just download the WWDC App from the App Store, for iPhone and iPad. It’s free.

You are invited to visit us on June 8th at 7 pm in Spain and 6 pm in the Canary Islands to see Apple’s keynote for WWDC 2015. We will not miss it and, as always, we will inform you of all the news presented by Apple in the keynote. We have learned about the official Spanish time thanks to our colleagues at Applesencia and the WWDC application.

What do you expect Apple to present in the June 8 keynote at WWDC?

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