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Apple comes to AliExpress and with great discounts

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The cheapest iPhone ever with 3-day shipping

Apple comes to AliExpress and with great discounts
Apple comes to AliExpress and with great discounts

By Ángel Roca – Feb 28, 2019ShareFacebookTwitter

It’s official, Apple has just arrived at AliExpress and the discounts from one of the largest online stores in the world are incredible. We have never seen Apple devices so cheap and with so much discount on their original value .

Of course, these are limited unit discounts so if you don’t hurry up soon another one will get an iPhone, an iPad or an Apple Watch at a fantastic price before you do. Also, in case you were worried, we assure you that these are 100% original devices and some with a really fast shipping, only 3 days .

As we mentioned, there are limited units of each device, but it is also an offer that only lasts 24h . As a complement to these prices we have 3 coupons that will lower the price even more:

  • ✂️CUPÓN: APPLE1 (Coupon 15$ without minimum purchase)
  • ✂️CUPÓN: APPLE2 (Coupon $30 buying $400)
  • ✂️CUPÓN: APPLE3 ($50 coupon buying $800)

Just add these codes , depending on the price of the device you buy and you will save even more on your new iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

iPhone XS Max

The most expensive iPhone sold by Apple, 1,259 euros in the Apple Store, is the first to appear on the AliExpress website with a discount of no less than 320 euros . A real madness to which the extra 50 dollars from the coupon above should be deducted.

iPhone XS

The new iPhone’s little brother also gets a significant discount. From the 1,159 euros that it officially costs it is 870.14 euros, from which the 50 dollar coupon would have to be subtracted again.

iPhone XR

This year’s cheapest and most colorful iPhone stays at an unbeatable price in the AliExpress offerings. Now you can get the iPhone XR for 646.35 euros minus the 30 dollars of the APPLE2 coupon . It is also available in any of the colors.

iPhone X

The iPhone that brought the all-screen design and changed everything. A device that is still one of the best on the market with its OLED screen and Face ID now for only 799.20 euros minus 30 dollars if we apply the code.

iPhone 8

The best iPhone with Touch ID Apple has ever made, with a glass design and wireless charging. Apple asks 689 euros for it, but only today you can get it in AliExpress for 473,20 euros minus 30 dollars of the APPLE2 coupon .

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch is also on sale at AliExpress only today and you can get the latest from Apple with a discount of more than 70 euros direct , to which you must add the 15 dollars of the APPLE1 coupon.

Apple Watch Series 3

The previous model is also available and is a perfect Apple Watch today, with GPS and water resistance can be yours for less than 230 euros .

iPad 2018

AliExpress could not leave out of the promotion one of the best value Apple devices. The iPad 2018 is available for less than 280 euros in the three colours offered by Apple.


Finally, we have Apple Wireless Headphones available at a price that’s probably the lowest you’ll find. Of the 179 euros that Apple orders they stay under 140 .

Note : some of these devices are sent from Spain but others are not, so they are not exempt from possible payment of taxes at customs .

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