Apple Blog ranks as the eighth largest website on the Internet

At AppleSupportPhoneNumber, from time to time we bring in curious studies about Apple and all its products. This time we bring you a report on Apple’s web positioning with respect to other companies. It is interesting to see how Apple with only one portal manages to be in the Top 10 along with other large companies that have several portals.

The research company comScore recently published a report showing the most popular websites of the moment. , which ranked eleventh last year, has been ranked eighth this year . This undoubtedly shows the popularity that Apple devices are gaining in the market clearly dominated by Android. ranks as the eighth largest website on the Internet ranks as the eighth largest website on the Internet

The Apple website registered a 54% increase in the number of visits compared to last year. This is a significant difference compared to the average increase of 38% of the top 100 web properties measured and the largest increase in the top ten of the ranking . Thus, the Top 10 would look like this:

  1. Google Sites
  2. Yahoo! sites
  3. Microsoft Sites
  4. Facebook
  5. Amazon Sites
  6. AOL
  7. Glam Media
  8. Wikimedia Foundation
  9. CBS Interactive

It should be noted that the web analytics company now includes visits from computers as well as mobile devices , something that was not done until now.

By comparison, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft sites lead the top 5 with 16%, 13% and 6% gain, respectively, followed by Facebook -up to 20%- and Amazon sites -27%-.

This type of study is always somewhat misleading and must be taken with scepticism since what is usually sought is to expose some company, for good or ill. On the other hand, it is very difficult to carry out a study of this caliber, due to the enormous amount of data involved.

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