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Apple Closes Apple Store and Confirms No Streaming

It’s less than two hours before Apple’s new event begins. Cupertino’s company is starting up all its machinery and they have already begun to make the first moves.

We’ve seen that they’ve prepared their facilities to welcome guests, and now we see that they’ve also begun to make changes to their Apple Online Store. As usual, the company has put the stores into maintenance mode .

Apple Closes Apple Store and Confirms No Streaming
Apple Closes Apple Store and Confirms No Streaming

What does this mean? Most likely, they are preparing the new product pages, updating all available information and will reopen them after the presentation with the detailed information of all the products they advertise.

Apple will not be streaming video of this afternoon’s event

But it’s not all good news. It seems that on this occasion it will not be possible to follow the keynote through an official Apple video stream . The company has decided not to broadcast the keynote as in other occasions, a real shame, although of course you will be able to follow the event through our special follow-up, in Spanish and with photos of the most important moments.

iPadizate will broadcast live the keynote presentation of the new iPhone

It’s not the first time and it probably won’t be the last time we do it. From 18:30 (peninsular Spain time) we will have one eye on Cupertino and the other on our Mac screen to be able to transmit everything that Apple presents during the event . Remember, this afternoon you have a date, a very important date.

View LIVE Keynote with iPad

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