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Apple Cinema Displays, is it cost effective to upgrade?

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When one follows the news a little closely, Apple has moments when many questions arise. And now I’m in one of those moments.

Apple Cinema Displays, is it cost effective to upgrade?
Apple Cinema Displays, is it cost effective to upgrade?

A few weeks ago Miguel Lopez echoed the 439 days without being updated the Cinema Display section. And just yesterday I told you about the 61% growth in Apple laptop sales.

With these data one wonders: Would updating the Cinema Displays be profitable for Apple?

If you look at the sales percentages of Apple’s ranges, you’ll see that notebooks and iMacs take up the lion’s share of the pie, leaving a very small percentage for the majestic Mac Pro.

For this reason and valuing the prices, many users before buying an ACD as a second monitor buy a cheaper one of another brand even having less technical features or directly invest in the purchase of an iMac (ridiculous price difference sometimes).

For those who buy a Mac Pro, the main market share for the ACD is the fact that these customers in 90% of cases already have a monitor (there are many Lacies, Eizo,… that give an incredible quality) in their workplaces.

Then, why renew the Cinemas? . Ok, some of you miss more USB or Firewire inputs, digital card reader, S-video or VGA outputs but I firmly believe that these are all solvable shortcomings. If I buy a monitor of such a price I don’t want VGA, I want the highest quality and for that I only need DVI.

And the price, I always thought that a discount would be good for users but monitors with TN panels and similar inches cost a little less. While ACDs mount S-ISP panels that give better color representation, grayscales,… also the contrast and brightness is brutal.

Renewing the range would mean making a leap in quality and design that would surely leave many unhappy and I doubt it would even be possible to improve them. Incorporating more connections goes against Apple’s idea of creating simple devices; as for incorporating an iSight it would not be bad but for multiple configurations of several monitors it would be a waste to have two and only use one, therefore better to launch an external iSight.

I conclude by congratulating Apple on a commercial level for creating one of the most profitable products as it is less in need of servicing and maintenance. Since August 2006 they are not renewed except for the inclusion of the 30″, keeping the 20 and 23″ models practically the same price.

For the units that Apple sells, I believe that they have designed the best product to be exempt from periodic renewals and with a durable design over time.

Hopefully I will have to rectify it soon, but in the meantime we will continue to dream of a renewal that will not come soon. So I’ll be wondering when to buy a 20″ Apple Cinema Display to keep my MacBook Pro company


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