Apple celebrates World Emojis Day by showing its new emoticons

Today is international emojis day. It is curious to see how these small emoticons have been integrated in such a way into society that we even dedicate one day a year to them.

Precisely on this day, Apple wanted to present a preview of some of the upcoming emojis that would see the light, predictably, in autumn of this year.

Emojis for all tastes

Apple celebrates World Emojis Day by showing its new emoticons
Apple celebrates World Emojis Day by showing its new emoticons

Unicode, the company in charge of the design and launch of the emojis, announced at the end of last year that had designed 69 new characters to be presented in mid-2017.

From this new list of emojs some stand out like a face vomiting, a man and a woman zombie, a hand gesturing the horns, an orange heart or the flags of Wales, Scotland and England.

In short, 69 new emojis that are added to the long existing list and in which there are more and more representative icons of our hobbies, our favorite foods or our habits.

Apple celebrates World Emojis Day

As we said, Apple wanted to show us a preview of some of these new emojis today. Specifically we have seen a zombie, a girl with hobbit ears, a woman with a veil, a guy with a beard, a face with stars in the eyes, an exploding head, a Rex dinosaur, a zebra, a guy doing yoga, a woman breastfeeding a baby, a crazy and funny face and finally a disgusting face vomiting.

Change in the way we communicate

There is no doubt that emojis are increasingly present in our lives , and not only in electronic devices. These small beings have been adapting to most social networks. They have evolved and even other companies have created their own.

But, as I said, have crossed the borders of our mobiles to become T-shirts, costumes, cushions and other decorations and toys.

Emoji costumes

Few people today can say that they have not seen or used one of these emoticons. All this means a change in the way we communicate . It’s true that we still write to our friends, but if you look at it, less and less. We replace a “voucher” or “I’m fine with it” with the emoji with the thumb up. We prefer to respond with our hearts in our eyes, rather than writing our feelings.

We could find many examples that show us that, for the most part, we have begun to replace our words with emojis. And it is not so much for brevity, because more than once it takes us longer to find the desired emoji than to write what we want to express with it. It is more the fact that thanks to these caricatures we can express more accurately how we feel at any given moment. It is a way of getting closer to reality in such a cold way of talking as it is through text messages.

What do you think of these new emojis? Do you agree with me that we communicate more and more through them? Leave it to us in the comments.

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