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Apple Celebrates the 5th Anniversary of the App Store with Free Apps

The App Store is celebrating its first five years and Apple wants to celebrate in style. A few days ago the company sent a poster to some journalists and media with an infographic of the growth of the app store and now it wants to give us a gift to all the users of the store .

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the launch of the App Store, Apple is allowing free downloads of some games and apps that enjoy tremendous popularity . Applications that have mostly never been available for free before.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Apple Celebrates the 5th Anniversary of the App Store with Free Apps
Apple Celebrates the 5th Anniversary of the App Store with Free Apps

In Superbrothers you’ll have to travel through an entire kingdom, wielding your sword and casting different magic spells to solve unique mysteries. A game with a unique soundtrack, which many people consider to be a masterpiece.

Infinity Blade II

Apple has used this game on its keynote several times. It is probably one of the most impressive games we can find for iPad or iPhone and now we have the opportunity to download it completely free. A great opportunity!

Traktor DJ

Experts say it’s one of the best apps for tapping from an Apple mobile device and they’re the ones who know so…

Where’s my water?

This is probably one of the most popular games on the App Store. In it, we will have to help Swampy to take a shower and for that we will have to make the water reach his tap. However, it won’t be easy and each level will be a little more complicated.


A platform game for iPad and iPhone with a somewhat different aesthetic to what we are used to in this type of titles. Winner of different awards, the most recent being the Apple Design Award 2013.

Tiny Wings

A game with a very simple mechanic, but a game that you can have fun with for hours and hours. A title that has won an infinite number of prizes and must be a ” must ” on the iPhone of any game fan ” casual “.

Day One

A complete digital diary on your iPad or iPhone: photos, ideas, events, text diary. A great app for anyone who wants to keep a personal diary and be able to relive their days over and over again.


I’m sure that on more than one occasion you’ve come across photos with text placed on them and asked yourself how do you do that? Well, here’s the answer, Over. And now you can download the app completely free.

Barefoot World Atlas

Paper atlases are history. The experience you can get with a digital one is much better and if it is as complete and curious as this one, success is guaranteed. Ideal for children to learn geography and information about the different countries of the world.

No doubt a really impressive collection of games and apps. Take this opportunity to load your iPad or iPhone with high quality software and fun games for free .

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