Apple Celebrates the 5th Anniversary of the App Store with a Computer Graphics

The App Store is about to complete its first five years of life. During these years, the Apple App Store has proved to be a very lucrative business, both for the company itself and for thousands of developers, who have been able to reach a huge audience with very low costs .

Aple has been able to exploit the app store to the fullest and everything seems to indicate that he will continue to do so for the next few years. The App Store shows no signs of weakness, on the contrary, the rate of downloads and new apps continues to increase, faster and faster.

Apple Celebrates the 5th Anniversary of the App Store with a Computer Graphics
Apple Celebrates the 5th Anniversary of the App Store with a Computer Graphics

After seeing its tremendous success, many manufacturers have replicated the idea. Google was the first with its Google Play, but others like Microsoft or Amazon have followed. Of course, you can’t blame them, the idea is very good and both developers and users appreciate its existence .

Today, the App Store has nearly one million published applications and is the store where we can find more apps adapted to tablet screens . Of course, we cannot fail to mention that the App Store has been one of the main reasons why both the iPad and the iPhone are such successful products, and it is clear that it still is.

Apple sends a poster with an infographic about the App Store to some media

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the App Store, Apple has sent a poster in the form of an infographic to some media . In this infographic you can see some of the milestones or achievements of the store over the last five years.

In the timeline, Apple has reflected the records of downloads achieved, where the last achievement was to get 50 billion downloads. A really overwhelming figure and one that the app store has managed to reach in record time.

In addition, Apple also shows the moment when the iOS devices were launched after the creation of the store and also some of the most representative apps as it can be: Angry Birds, Where’s My Water, Instagram, Fruit Ninja or HBO Go.

The poster’s photograph was published by Tim Bradshaw, who, according to Macrumors, is a technology reporter with the Financial Times.

You’ll agree with us that the App Store is a tremendous success and one of the reasons that the iPad and iPhone have succeeded, but what do you think Apple can do to further improve it? Are you missing something?

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