Apple Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of iTunes by Showcasing its Evolution


Without a doubt, this is a very significant date for Apple, since iTunes was not only the first online music store that completely revolutionized the music world , but it was the prelude to everything that Apple was destined to become, a company dedicated to its mobile devices.

iTunes celebrates its 10th anniversary by reviewing key moments in the store’s evolution

Apple Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of iTunes by Showcasing its Evolution
Apple Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of iTunes by Showcasing its Evolution

If you’ve been to the iTunes store over the past few days, you may have noticed the new feature on the front page. It’s a new feature introduced by Apple to commemorate 10 years of iTunes and shows us the evolution of the store year by year.

Apple has developed an interactive timeline that runs from April 28, 2003, when iTunes first opened its doors, to April 28, 2013, the next Sunday. The chronology is full of anecdotes, for example, on the day of its opening, iTunes was available along with 200,000 songs and of all of them, the best-selling song was “Stuck in a Moment” by U2 and the album Sea Change by Beck.

As we move forward from year to year, we are shown significant events such as the arrival of iTunes in new countries, the launch of a new iPod, and the number of downloads the store was recording. The most recent event was on March 19th, when Justin Timberlake’s album “The 2020 Experience” set a new world record for sales in its first week.

Beyond reviewing the most important moments in the history of iTunes (and Apple), it is an excellent way to see how the music world has evolved , which styles have predominated over the others during these years and which are part of the new global trend.

As a curiosity, you will know that the iTunes store was originally conceived only for the distribution of digital music and that over the years, Apple has been adding new possibilities such as Applications, Books or Videos. Well, believe it or not, film and video downloads are one of the biggest sources of income for the store .

The most famous digital store on the Internet will turn a decade old this Sunday, Apple already announced yesterday that iTunes broke a record in the last fiscal quarter, earning 4 billion dollars.

Happy Birthday iTunes!

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