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Apple CarPlay, is it really good for anything?

¿Tienes CarPlay en tu coche?

Apple intenta que su asistente sea nuestro copiloto, o al menos así nos lo vende. Sin embargo, no nos aporta demasiadas funciones –que podamos aprovechar mientras conducimos– por lo que no es realmente algo útil, o que deba ser un factor de compra importante. De hecho, mi propio coche tiene pantalla sin Apple CarPlay y no tengo necesidad alguna de tenerlo .

Apple CarPlay, is it really good for anything?Apple CarPlay, is it really good for anything?

Cuéntanos, ¿consideras Apple CarPlay importante a la hora de comprar un coche?

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The ultimate co-pilot . This is how Apple tries to sell us its driving assistant, CarPlay, which arrived to compete with Android Auto and integrate itself into our car’s screen. However, as we like to say, all that glitters is not gold, and as useful as we think this technology is, it can end up being a danger , so what is Apple CarPlay for?

We could say that the inclusion of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on our car’s screen is a real breakthrough, because recently the possibility of responding to WhatsApp notifications without having to look at the mobile was something difficult to think about. That’s not to mention the advantages that Siri has to offer, and we can ask her for anything we want without taking our hands off the wheel . However, from the first moment we open an app or reply to a message, we are distracting ourselves .

It’s hard to see how much difference there is between looking at your mobile phone while driving and looking at the screen of your car , especially on those models where the screen is a bit low, which makes you take your eyes off the road. So what good is Apple CarPlay if can make you kill yourself ?

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