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Apple CarPlay and BlackBerry QNX

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With the launch of CarPlay some people, used to being up to date on all these issues related to the world of motoring, have wondered if this is not the same as the MirrirLink protocol. Well, it is not only Apple’s “MirrorLink” but it is based on or rather makes use of QNX to work .

Apple CarPlay and BlackBerry QNX
Apple CarPlay and BlackBerry QNX

Compatible only with iPhone 5, 5c and 5s with iOS 7, CarPlay will connect to our car through QNX, a Unix-based operating system that happens to be owned by BlackBerry. Thus, as with other options from different manufacturers, from the touch screen of our car we will be able to control the phone.

The peculiarity is that CarPlay customizes the graphic interface of the system we are going to handle from the car. And the applications that will be available will be those of our device. Just like the memory and the processor. So, for those of you who asked for a “silly screen” there it is.

Apple, as usual, brings out its own standard to provide a more satisfying and differentiating experience. At least according to them, who already know that there are tastes for everyone. In short, our iPhone will be the true center of all this, we will use its GPS and other features for the functions that we have already been able to see such as making calls, playing music, sending messages or consulting maps.

Now all that remains is for some manufacturer to license compatible devices that we can install in our current cars. Because, at least I don’t intend to change cars just because they have a very Apple interface for music playback, GPS and some additional extras.


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