Apple Cannot Use the iPhone Brand in Brazil


Being a company that sells its products globally can be a real problem and a total headache. Leaving aside the typical problems of distribution, business partners in different countries and so on, there is still a big problem to solve: that of trademarks. Perhaps a few years ago this was something that was not taken into account so much, but in recent years we are seeing how companies often hide behind their trademarks and patents to try to stop the competition. Instead of focusing efforts on improving their products and so on, a lot of resources are spent in the courts and this is certainly not good for consumers.

A Brazilian company registered the iPhone brand in 1998

Apple Cannot Use the iPhone Brand in Brazil
Apple Cannot Use the iPhone Brand in Brazil

The last case related to brands and Apple comes from Brazil. Specifically, a company registered the iPhone brand in 1998, seven years after Apple launched it on the market, and so Cupertino’s company could now be forced to market its device under another name in Brazilian territory, unless they reach an agreement with Eletrônica SA, the current owner of the iPhone brand rights.

In addition, since last December, the company is marketing in Brazil the iPhone G, a device that works with Android Gingerbread 2.3, has a touch screen, support for two SIM cards and 3G connectivity. Come on, the company is currently using the brand, which makes things even more complicated for Apple.

The Brazilian Institute of Intellectual Property is studying the case and it is expected that the decision will be made public on February 13, a decision that of course could be challenged by Apple in court.

The Brazilian judicial system has issued rulings in favour of companies based in the country, so this could be another such case. Be that as it may, Apple now has the hard time in Brazil to continue marketing the smartphone under the name we all know. Without knowing yet the verdict of the Brazilian authorities we think Apple will have to negotiate with the current owner of the brand in order to use it, buy it or, who knows, maybe buy the company completely. The president of the Brazilian company has already commented that no one from Apple has contacted them so far, but he assures that they are open to dialogue and added that ” We are not radicals “.

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