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Apple cancels the AirPower launch confirming its failure

There were many of us waiting day after day for the launch of AirPower and it seems that this wait is over forever as Apple has just announced that it is cancelling the launch of the cargo base that was presented in September 2017. This information has been collected a few hours ago by the media TechCrunch, although no official statement has been issued yet.

All the analysts pointed out that this delay in AirPower was caused by problems in the design of the same, that would be causing various overheating. Obviously releasing a load base that does not meet optimal quality standards to the market is not logical.

Apple cancels the AirPower launch confirming its failureApple cancels the AirPower launch confirming its failure

The delays seen at this cargo base have been very high, exceeding two years and worst of all without any official explanation from Cupertino’s company.

Now it looks like they would have stepped back and cancelled their launch and tried to make it disappear from everyone’s mind. This is obviously something that will be difficult to assume because it is a real failure for Tim Cook’s company. They presented in 2017 a product that was not ready for launch in a hurry and running, instead of developing it well and presenting it when it was perfect and had all the permissions.

As we say, this information comes from a fairly reliable source but not entirely confirmed by the company. We hope that they will come forward after two years and apologize for this failed product that they sold to us when it was not finished and confirm its cancellation by attaching the reasons that led them to make this decision.

We will continue to report on this information in the next few hours in this article.

What do you think about this hypothetical cancellation of AirPower?