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Apple, Can You Be Guilty Of Finland’s Setback?

According to the Finnish Prime Minister, Apple is to blame for his country’s decline

It is nothing new to say that Apple has “enemies” beyond the mobile or technology device market . We have already seen during the last weeks how many celebrities have stood up against the apple for the theft of intimate images they have suffered from their iCloud accounts. Even if Apple claims that they are not to blame.

It seems that Apple has also “sought” enemies in politics, since Alexander Stubb , the Prime Minister of Finland has released a rather strong statement stating that the company is responsible for the decline of his country .

Apple, Can You Be Guilty Of Finland’s Setback?
Apple, Can You Be Guilty Of Finland’s Setback?

We have to remember for those who do not know, that the Nordic country has already been suffering a progressive fall of its economy for a couple of years , where the technological industry and paper are the center of this problem. Stubb’s reason for blaming Apple is quite clear:

Apple’s fault or other people’s neglect?

Of course, blaming a company for something like this is quite strong, although we could be partly right. If we analyze the two main economic activities in Finland that have suffered this setback, we find that it has been because Apple, along with other companies, have been able to move forward and develop products that the public had been demanding for some time.

Maybe Nokia was also partly to blame for being hell-bent on using Symbian (which was a pretty bad operating system to use even if it was really powerful) when Apple introduced the first iPad. The novelty was able to catch the attention of users who were crying out for a product of this type.

With the paper industry we could say that the exact same thing happened. The fact is that for some years now we have been seeing how tablets are increasingly present in the lives of families and are replacing, in most areas, the traditional media when it comes to reading books or the local press. Of course, this fact means that paper, although not yet dead, has not really adapted to the new times we are living in . And we already know with all that it does not know how to adapt to the times.

So rather than defining Apple as the culprit, I think Cupertino’s people have known how to take advantage of the moment and the circumstances to position their products in the country. But although Alexander has named the apple boys in his statements, it must be made clear that the politician has not pointed out them alone either, as they point out from Applesfera.

Then why did you name the apple company during your depositions? It is quite clear that the name Apple is known all over the world, so he has followed this strategy to make a lot more noise and, by the way, to throw the hot potato at others when it is a subject where the main culprit is himself.