Apple can handle the demand for iPad 4

It is rare to see Apple manage to meet the instant demand for a device within a week of its departure. We are used to waiting at least a couple of weeks for our iPhone or iPad to arrive home, due to the high demand for them.

However, today we learned that the demand for the fourth generation iPad is remaining at an acceptable level for the production speed . This means that the “one week delay” sign is no longer on display when we go to buy it on the web. Not even that of “between 3 and 5 days” . Right now, the Apple Store online shows the product “in stock” .

Apple can handle the demand for iPad 4
Apple can handle the demand for iPad 4

What could be the reason for this? Rumor has it that the main reason is the iPad Mini. It turns out that 90% of the three million tablets that the apple company sold over the past weekend, correspond to the 7.9-inch tablet.

So Apple’s production concerns, right now, are with the Mini. Above all, thinking that in the Christmas campaign nobody likes their presents to be late , even if it’s just for a few days. Tim Cook himself announced yesterday that they were practically running out of iPad Mini, and that as they were being manufactured they were being sent to users.

We already mentioned last month that the Mini could steal up to 20% of sales from its big brother in any of its modalities. Is this good news or bad news? Which model do you like more, the small and handy iPad Mini, or the exclusive and powerful iPad 4?

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