Apple Calls on China to Help End iPhone 6 Leaks

Apple calls on Chinese authorities to confiscate iPhone 6 accessories

In recent weeks we have witnessed a steady stream of more or less credible rumours, leaks and speculation about the iPhone 6, Apple’s future phone. Images where models, schemes, prototypes or concepts appear have been commonplace in most technological portals and social networks .

As always, long before the launch of a product of the American company, the speculative machinery is put into operation from any media and that is that everything related to the Apple world attracts the attention of many people, regardless of whether you are a user or not.

Apple Calls on China to Help End iPhone 6 Leaks
Apple Calls on China to Help End iPhone 6 Leaks

Leaving aside the more or less interested interests that may be behind a leak, in this case, of an Apple phone, the fact is that they are produced in a repetitive way, giving the impression that it would be tremendously easy to take a series of photographs or “neglect” a certain component of a device from any part of the production chain .

Everyone knows how tightly Cupertino’s products are developed, even in the early stages, but we believe that it is quite difficult to maintain discretion in a company of this type and, moreover, when you do not have absolute control over any of the elements that make up a production process .

The number of leaks from Chinese suppliers has prompted Apple to ask the Asian country for help.

In this sense, and according to Sonny Dickson, one of the sources that usually provides us from time to time some leak related to Apple, it seems that the American giant has decided to take action to try that any accessory or component that has to do with the rumored iPhone 6 be withdrawn from the market and denounced its responsible .

Dickson claims that Apple has expressly asked the Chinese authorities to exercise extreme vigilance over Chinese retailers and prevent the marketing of accessories for a product such as the iPhone 6 that is not yet on the market , in an attempt to prevent its details from becoming known.

On May 27th, an inspection was carried out in a major shopping mall in China involving about 200 security agents and where a large number of fraudulent products of different brands were confiscated. It seems that Apple’s request played an important role in this raid.

TimCook said upon his arrival to the position of head of the company that leaks would be one of the issues he would put the most effort into eradicating. But not only would he try to keep the new products secret, but also to prevent old components such as batteries or screens from being used to sell refurbished devices on the underground market in Hong Kong , as Foxconn is rumored to have been doing for some time.

Precisely the foreign suppliers would be the weakest link and the most difficult to control by Apple , since, as they tell us from MacRumors, they are aware of the Cupertino’s news but lack their direct supervision which facilitates the leaks of some of the employees.

Do you think that Apple should make more effort to avoid this kind of leaks?

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