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Apple buys the social recommendation app Spotsetter to enhance its Maps

We all know the “incident” with the Apple Maps, and we know that since then has been receiving small updates, which undoubtedly have made it better compared to the one we knew at the beginning , even so it lacks to be considered a real option when looking for an address or guide us through the city without errors.

In fact, Apple’s Maps were one of the forgotten ones as they did not receive any kind of novelty in the last WWDC presentation . And today, knowing that Apple would be closing a purchase for the Spotsetter application, we understand why.

Apple buys the social recommendation app Spotsetter to enhance its Maps
Apple buys the social recommendation app Spotsetter to enhance its Maps

Spotsetter was (yes, because its creators have decided to remove it from the App Store) an application with little more than a year of life, but that stood out for having a loyal follower base, partly due to its attractive design based on a map interface where we could find out the recommendations of places thanks to opinions of friends, social networks and other sites .

Spotsetter started as a startup created by two former Google employees that got an initial investment of 1.3 million dollars for its development . The operation was based on connecting and nurturing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, as well as more than 30 recommendation sites like Yelp, Zagat and TripAdvisor. So we had our friends’ information, comments, expert reviews and more all in one place. Not bad, right? Now imagine all this translated into Apple Maps, it gets better.

There is no confirmation yet that Spotsetter will be added to the Apple Maps or be a standalone application, but the purchase of such a service could certainly get entry into the Maps and thus offer a powerful recommendation tool within the same application.

The latest numbers reported by Spotsetter mentioned a user base of close to 5 million, 40 million establishments in the United States and 1 million locations in other regions of the world .

Apple has not yet made a statement on this nor are the details of the transaction known, but the people of Spotsetter have put a farewell note on their blog, and even its creators Stephen Tse and Johnny Lee have updated their LinkedIn profile mentioning that they now work for Apple.

Will Spotsetter be the app that gives Apple’s Maps a new lease of life? That remains to be seen.

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