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Apple buys Spectre Edge to enhance iPhone cameras

Photography is still a field within mobiles that has a long way to go. Although the cameras we are seeing in the latest mobile phones on the market are very good, there is still much to discover. This is why Apple wants to continue improving the photos that can be taken with your iPhone and that is why has decided to acquire Spectral Edge.

Spectral Edge is a startup that works on improving smartphone pictures thanks to the Machine Learnig achieving sharper, more colorful results. The company explains that they achieve these enhanced photos by taking an infrared image and mixing it with a standard photo.

Apple buys Spectre Edge to enhance iPhone cameras
Apple buys Spectre Edge to enhance iPhone cameras

That’s why Apple could implement Spectral Edge technology to enhance the photos we take with the iPhone. Right now in the latest iPhone the truth is that the photographs we make make use of Smart HDR or Deep Fusion in addition to an important processing of the photograph. This can go much further thanks to Machine Learning and the combination of Image Fusion and Deep Learning from Spectral Edge to improve the color, detail and clarity of any image.

Apple has not yet confirmed this acquisition, although it is a matter of hours before a press release announcing it will be published. The purchase seems to be more than confirmed since Bloomberg has published a series of documents that are quite reliable. The other big question in this story is that has not transcended the price paid by Apple and will not be made public since the company has kept these issues secret.

We are very excited to see the photos we take with our iPhones improve with this acquisition. We don’t know when these improvements will be implemented in the company’s device but little by little we will see good results.

It is also important to note that Apple acquires many companies over the years although they go a little unnoticed. In the end the company looks for the best talent abroad to be able to transfer it to their teams. The same thing happened with the purchase of Workflow, which has now become another application on our computers and which gives us many very interesting features.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this acquisition.

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