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Apple buys PrimeSense

It’s been a while since we heard about new purchases from Apple, but today, Sunday, the news arrives: Apple is buying PrimeSense, the company that was behind the joint development with Microsoft of Kinect. After Redmond decided to abandon the Israelis to create their own system for Xbox One’s second-generation Kinect, Cupertino’s saw an opportunity to take over the company.

After many months of rumors, it seems to have become a reality. Apple has bought PrimeSense, which is a company that makes three-dimensional sensors, and which was behind the development of the first generation Kinect .

Apple buys PrimeSense
Apple buys PrimeSense

The purchase of this company specialized in advanced body movement recognition has cost 345 million dollars . However, Microsoft has stopped working with them on the new Xbox One for the second generation Kinect, as they have created their own technology.

But as we can see, they have not wasted any time after the break-up with Microsoft. And in addition to licensing their technology to other companies such as ASUS, which put on sale a kind of Kinect clone, they have known how to ally themselves with a large company: Apple .

Although it was thought that Apple had been interested in PrimeSense’s new Capri sensor, which was ridiculously small, and could fit perfectly into an iPad, it seems that Cupertino’s people want to move more into the realm of television , so it won’t be crazy to see a future Apple TV controlled by gestures.

This, along with an evolved Siri could mean the disappearance of the remote control forever. Here, the only control mechanism would be our iDevice with a dedicated application, and would make the dreams of Steve Jobs come true, who complained that televisions have always had a user interface that is too unintuitive.

It will be a matter of time before we see what Cupertino plans to do with this company and if the investment ends up being fruitful and great products come out of the collaboration of the Israelis and the Californians.

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