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Apple buys LinX, focusing on mobile photography

Every so often these days, Apple goes shopping and acquires a company that can offer some potential for product improvement. One of the areas in which Apple is most active is photography, a key element of the iPhone, but not one that can be improved. Today it has published the purchase of LinX, an Israeli company focused on developing cameras for mobile phones in an attempt to improve the already good camera of the iPhone.

As I said before, LinX Imaging is an Israeli company specialized since its beginning in the development of cameras whose main feature is the combination of several sensors in order to take several captures and then merge them into one . What do you get with this? According to LinX, you get images with a similar quality to a DSLR but with much smaller sensor sizes.

Apple buys LinX, focusing on mobile photographyApple buys LinX, focusing on mobile photography

This purchase complements, surely it is related in some way, a patent, and the many rumors that it raised, which spoke of a camera with two lenses and that according to John Gruber and I quote “could make the future new iPhone capable of taking pictures in DSLR quality. Sounds similar, doesn’t it? We will have to wait and see if we see something similar in the next iPhone but if it achieves what it promises the result could be spectacular .