Apple buys land in Texas and plans to expand

Apple has high hopes for the immediate future. This is clear from the purchase made in Austin, Texas, where they already have a campus. Now they plan to expand it with the purchase of three more extensions of land for which they have paid a price of nearly 300 million dollars. Its use is not very clear, but it seems that it can be related to the next iPhone and different services offered by the company.

Apple continues to grow, and I’m not just talking about sales. If before it was news because of the purchase of land in North Carolina, where the Data Center was going to be located, now other information with similar characteristics is emerging. In this case , Apple’s expansion plans involve spending more than 300 million dollars on land in Austin , Texas, where the company of the block has just bought three areas of the land, located next to Apple’s current campus in Austin.

Apple buys land in Texas and plans to expand
Apple buys land in Texas and plans to expand

According to Cult of Mac the purchase has been discovered by a local newspaper, the Austin Business Journal. It seems that everything has been closed since the end of June, on the 20th to be exact and the extent of the land and the exact price paid for it is unknown.

We do know that these are three extensions of land next to the current Apple campus . And although we don’t have much data, it seems that is the iPhone responsible for this expansion . The manufacture of the iPhone requires the creation of more than 3000 new jobs , multiplying by two the current workforce in Texas, mostly related to areas such as accounting, customer service and sales, as we remember, manufacturing is done outside the United States.

In the current economic situation this comes as May water, since in addition the state of Texas plans to award Apple a total of $21 million over the next 10 years through the Texas Enterprise Fund in exchange for the new jobs. The City of Austin has also approved a grant of nearly $9 million to Apple to expand its offices, while Travis County has also awarded Apple another $5.4 million in tax refunds in exchange for minimum wage requirements. As we can see, the issue of grants is not unique to this country in which we live.

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