Apple buys a lens company for its future AR viewer

Este GIF muestra la transformación del iPhone X en unas gafas inteligentes made in Apple

Este tipo de adquisiciones por parte de Apple no son sorprendentes, de hecho, a veces ocurren sin que nos demos cuenta de ello. Pero algunas de ellas, como esta, si que son dignas de mención, teniendo en cuenta la gran repercusión que podrían tener en el futuro de la compañía . De momento, tendremos que seguir esperando para poder ver su visor, sin embargo, este tipo de noticias nos ayuda a saber que sigue en proceso, y que podría estar más cerca de lo que creemos.

Apple buys a lens company for its future AR viewer
Apple buys a lens company for its future AR viewer

Now that new technologies are beginning to emerge that can completely change the way we interact with our devices, it’s time for Apple to reduce its reliance on the iPhone. Much of the company’s revenue each quarter comes from smartphone sales , and while growth is almost assured, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on the company’s long-term future.

In order to face this future, Apple has already planned a strategy to launch new products that could well become the pillars of the company in a few years. Among them, we can find bets as risky as the Apple Car, and others that are not so risky, such as the augmented reality viewer, which could be launched in 2020. And in order to make these projects possible, it is necessary to invest in new companies like the one we present to you today.

Akonia Holographics, a company specializing in the manufacture of lenses for augmented reality equipment, was recently acquired by Apple. Reuters has reported on this acquisition, which could help Cupertino’s people produce their first augmented reality viewer. In particular, Akonia’s HoloMirror technology could be very useful, as according to the company it offers high image quality without compromising the weight of the helmet .

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