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Apple Buy Coherent Navigation to enhance maps

At the beginning of the year we saw how Apple could get into trouble for having too much cash, something they could solve, for example, by acquiring some companies. And that is precisely what it has just done, since has recently bought the GPS firm Coherent Navigation, in order to improve its mapping service .

When Apple launched its own Maps application with iOS 6 it was the focus of much criticism, but little by little they have managed to improve it and add very interesting features. However, Google Maps is a very strong competition and Apple cannot rest on its laurels , so they would have decided to acquire Coherent Navigation.

Apple Buy Coherent Navigation to enhance mapsApple Buy Coherent Navigation to enhance maps

Apple wants to be as independent as possible when developing its services and continues to buy companies in order to remain so. Coherent Navigation is a company that specializes in navigation technologies related to high definition GPS , with which Apple’s location technology and services could be further enhanced.

Apple is trying to improve its mapping service by purchasing Coherent Navigation

Although Apple is not very keen on commenting on the purchases of small companies or explaining its plans with them, on this occasion they have confirmed the acquisition to The New York Times . They have done so through an e-mail in which they indicate that “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we usually don’t talk about our purposes or plans” .

Apple has not disclosed the terms of its acquisition of Coherent Navigation, a small company founded in 2008 that works with companies such as Boeing or Iridium to create high-precision navigation services alongside them . However, it is possible to get a slight idea of what Apple could do with it considering that it is known for its high integrity GPS system.

As far as we know, Paul Lego, the CEO of Coherent Navigation, is now a member of the Apple Maps team . On the other hand, William Bencze and Brett Ledvina, the other two co-founders, have joined the apple company as location-based engineers.

Coherent Navigation joins other mapping companies

From Pusatnews they point out that for the moment there is no information about how the Coherent Navigation team’s work at Apple will develop , although they do not rule out the possibility of the company giving out some data during the WWDC15 to be held next month. If we look back we see how over the last 6 years Apple has acquired other companies specializing in maps and navigation such as Locationary, HopStop, WifiSLAM, Broadmap, Placebase and Embark.

In any case, we hope that this new purchase will help Apple to further improve its mapping service , on which they are constantly working. Not long ago, it was updated to add hotel reviews.

What do you think of Apple’s purchase of Coherent Navigation? What do you think they could use it for?