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Apple Brings iWork to Everyone through iCloud

iWork , Cupertino’s popular office and productivity suite, is now available in iCloud for all users, even those who do not own an Apple device.

So now anyone with a modern web browser and an Apple ID can use the office applications designed for the web Pages, Numbers and Keynote .

Now anyone can use iWork in iCloud

Apple Brings iWork to Everyone through iCloud
Apple Brings iWork to Everyone through iCloud

Apple has begun removing the “beta” label from iWork apps in the iCloud in some countries. As you can see in the image above, users who do not have an Apple ID can create one through the link at the bottom “Create one now”.

All these users will need to have their own Apple account is a name, an email address, date of birth and a couple of security questions. They won’t even need an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac.

Once the user has created their Apple ID they will have the opportunity to access the Pages, Numbers and Keynote web apps, in addition to the page dedicated to the Settings application. From here they will have the opportunity to create, edit and manage text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

For those of you who are interested in the subject, but unfortunately are not familiar with the Apple operating system or how the iWork web applications work: Pages, Numbers and Keynote, Cupertino’s company offers a complete FAQ so that you have the opportunity to learn how to use iCloud .

Although this interesting Apple initiative has some drawbacks. Users without an iOS or Mac device will have limited storage . That is, they will only be able to use 1GB of storage space online.

Despite these limitations, it is not typical for Apple to allow non-authorized users to access its software in an open manner. A big movement that many see as a very smart business strategy , as we are told from TechCrunch.

Download iWork

If you normally use an iOS device, you can download office applications from Apple’s iWork suite here:


An excellent word processor created by Apple:


With Numbers we will have the opportunity to create and work with spreadsheets:


Keynote is a tool designed by Apple that is very useful when creating presentations:

How do you feel about Apple’s initiative to allow other users to use its software? Have you logged in to iCloud to use the web version of iWork? Which tool is your favorite: Pages, Numbers, or Keynote?