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Apple breaks its relationship with Comex, creator of Jailbreakme

One of the aspects that companies have always tried to limit has been the badly named piracy. Either by improving the security to access their equipment, with sometimes dubious methods or, as is the case, by welcoming the enemy into their ranks. This is the case that occupied us, and I say occupied, because Comex, developer of Jailbreakme, has stopped working for Apple.

To understand the existence of a device without it being parallel to a community that strives to free it from its bonds and thus expand the possibilities that it offers, is today something difficult to imagine. We just have to look back and think about different gadgets that have been bestsellers: Playstation consoles, the Nintendo Wii, different phones, etc. The more closed the device is, the greater the interest of the community in accessing its entrails , and of course, in this case the Apple iPhone in all its versions and given its character of a very closed platform, has been the number one objective .

Apple breaks its relationship with Comex, creator of Jailbreakme
Apple breaks its relationship with Comex, creator of Jailbreakme

With each new device or iOS version introduced, the community hacker was faced with a new challenge. And because of this many have become famous, so much so that they have ended up working for the big companies they used to challenge . The cases of Goehot and Comex are perhaps the best known. The first scourge of Sony for several years (although it has also been for Apple) and the second, Comex, the best known hacker of iOS.

In reference to the latter, the news as they say in 9To5Mac, is that today he has announced on his Twitter account that his work at Apple has ended and he has done it with these words:

The reasons that Comex, whose real name is Nicholas Allegra, explained to Forbes, can be summarized as one. According to Allegra, his job at Apple was terminated for not responding to an email . Forbes sums up the conversation:

The history of Comex is deeply linked to a name: Jailbreakme . For those of you who don’t know, is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily jailbreak iOS devices with a exploit in Safari . Later he developed an improved version of the same called Spirit . These facts, together with his intense activity, made Apple look at him to hire him, because as they say, “if you can’t beat your enemy, join him”.

When asked in the interview if this abandonment of her relationship with Apple would mean the return of the Jailbreak , her words were elusive. Comex stated that his goal now was to focus on his work at Brown University, and had no intention of working on new tools from Jailbreak for iOS, at least in the short term.

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