Apple boasts the iPhone XR on its website with the best reviews

El modo retrato del iPhone XR solo funciona con personas

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Apple ha realizado un trabajo extremadamente detallado para hacer que las esquinas redondeadas de la pantalla LCD se adapten perfectamente a las esquinas del propio teléfono, algo que ya quisieran hacer desesperadamente otras empresas .”


Apple boasts the iPhone XR on its website with the best reviews
Apple boasts the iPhone XR on its website with the best reviews

A pesar de que el iPhone XR es la “gama media” de Apple, la sensación es parecida a la de una pieza de joyería muy bien diseñada. Con un proceso de color de 7 capas laminadas en la parte posterior de cristal consiguen una profundidad y brillo sin igual en la electrónica de consumo .”


El iPhone XR toma hermosas fotos en el modo retrato con la capacidad de cambiar la profundidad de fondo. También incluye Smart HDR, que captura varias imágenes con diferentes exposiciones al mismo tiempo para obtener la mejor foto .”

Two days, just two days left for the iPhone XR to arrive in the hands of the first users and, just like us, Apple has published on its website the best ratings that the media have given to the new device.

The new iPhone has received very good reviews from the specialist media , particularly in terms of power and battery life.

The iPhone XR is a special device that comes to offer many of the features of an iPhone XR for a somewhat more modest price . This is the highlight that Apple has shared from the specialized media.

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The colors are stunning, the battery life is huge, Face ID remains the industry’s leading technology, the iOS gestures are intuitive, the camera is excellent and the performance is fantastic. This is the iPhone to buy .”


The iPhone XR is the iPhone Goldilocks with a big screen, great cameras and power for the future .”


The iPhone XR arguably offers the best combination of size and ease of use. The quality of construction is at Apple’s usual level, which means it is flawless .”

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