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Apple boasts iPhone in three new videos

A few months ago Apple launched a campaign called “There’s More to iPhone”, a special page on its website where showed the advantages of having an iPhone over other types of devices . Now this campaign is spreading around the world and is reaching the UK website.

This campaign is accompanied by new videos that demonstrate these claims by Apple . In these videos we can see arguments ranging from privacy to the environment.

Apple boasts iPhone in three new videos
Apple boasts iPhone in three new videos

The first section has to do with privacy and Apple. He leaves you the following video along with a few words praising the security of their system.

At Apple, we believe that data privacy is a fundamental human right. Your personal information belongs to you and no one else .

And while some companies sell their data, we don’t. We will tell you if we collect your data and let you know how it is used. For example, we may use that data to make the iPhone more user-friendly. And you can always change the settings to limit the amount of information that can be accessed .”

Apple stores recycle old smartphones completely free. This helps to recover more material and use less of the Earth’s resources .”

We have developed a robot called Daisy to recover more materials from the iPhone, reducing the need to extract resources from the Earth. Daisy disassembles each device into individual portions and sorts the different components .”

By signing in to or using the Find My iPhone app, you can remotely lock your iPhone or even delete it to protect your data. Your iPhone can only be reset with your Apple ID password .”

Using the lost mode you will lock your iPhone immediately and you can track where it has been in the last 24 hours .”

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