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Apple boasts figures in Europe: 22,000 employees and rising

Si pudieras elegir, ¿preferirías trabajar en Facebook o en Apple?

En el caso de España, los de Cupertino resaltan que los empleos de Apple se han multiplicado por 10 en la última década, en gran parte debido a la apertura de 11 tiendas en nuestro país. Pero lo que todos esperamos, es que no se queden con estos números. Lo bueno, es que parece que su intención es seguir creciendo, asi que quizá quieras echarle un vistazo a este artículo sobre cómo optar a uno de esos puestos.

Apple boasts figures in Europe: 22,000 employees and rising
Apple boasts figures in Europe: 22,000 employees and rising

For a number of years now, Apple has had a series of problems with the European Union regarding the tax benefits granted by the country of Ireland to secure its investments in the city of Cork, where the headquarters of the company’s European subsidiary is located. For this reason, the company has appeared in news programmes all over the continent on many occasions, harming the brand that they care so much about .

Now, having solved those legal problems with a payment of more than 15.4 billion euros to Ireland, the company wants everyone to know how important the company’s contribution is in every region of Europe. To this end, they have launched a website inviting people to discover how quickly Apple’s employees, those they care about so much, have multiplied, as well as all those who have achieved a job associated with the development of an App Store app.

In total, we find that Apple has generated a total of 1,760,000 jobs in Europe , of which 22,000 are directly from the company. Most of them belong to the company’s Retail division, which manages the Apple Stores. The most relevant countries are the United Kingdom, where the first Apple Store in the continent was installed, and Ireland, which as we said before, is the place where the European subsidiary is located.

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