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Apple, beware of following the path laid out by Steve Jobs

A new phase is approaching for Apple in which the forecasts made by Steve Jobs can be of great help. As a great visionary he was, I’m sure they are aimed at bringing the company to a successful conclusion, but Apple must make decisions on its own and know how to derive decisions according to the future market context. Here’s a personal opinion.

At this point, the word most often used to describe Steve Jobs is “visionary”. Without ever doing any previous market research, he has launched products whose acceptance among people has been brilliant . See the success of the iPod, iPhone, MacBook or almost any other that the company of the bitten apple has made throughout its history. Clearly, the one who is largely to blame and is responsible for everything that has happened is Steve Jobs.

Apple, beware of following the path laid out by Steve JobsApple, beware of following the path laid out by Steve Jobs

After his death, we have discovered that Steve has been overseeing a course of action, and it is said that his plans go as far as covering future launches over the next four years . As a visionary, I doubt that he will make much of a mistake, but I hope that Apple will be able to refer me to better approaches depending on the context in which we find ourselves. That is to say. A person’s plans can be brought to an end as long as the project is supervised by that person until the end. Ignoring the plans of someone who is not going to be there can be a great leap of faith, as it would be to become obsessed with an idea that may not be up to the future demands of the market.

Many are the ones who think that the company could sail adrift once it is left without the plans previously thought out, carried out and made concrete with Apple’s co-founder. I am proud to say that they are very wrong .

The technological world is going to change in the next four years, and surely at levels that our imagination cannot reach. Apple has a path and a history to back it up. The new commanders must make decisions and not get bogged down in steps to follow left by the one who was the most influential and decisive person in the company.

Without disparaging Steve Jobs, I support and hope that Apple will be able to divide and distinguish his path from the words of the past CEO, however marked or supervised the near future may be. Only in this way will the company continue to be the best, leading the market and avoiding a potentially catastrophic outcome. The sooner they think and make decisions on their own, the sooner they will eliminate possible doubts that many followers of the apple have.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything, Steve. A new future must arise based on your legacy, but the time has come for visionary decisions to be made by others . You are ready and you will show us.

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