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Apple bets on expanding in Japan with a significant investment

Apple is betting on Japan, trying to expand its brand in this country starting with the opening of a new Apple Store in the Tokyo shopping district of Shinjuku on April 7th, but this will not stay here, as Angela Ahrendts has stated that from Apple they are preparing much more for customers in Japan. The goal is clear: to continue attracting users in Asia.

Angela Ahrendts is the head of sales of Cupertino’s company, who has given an interview to the Nikkei media where she talks about all the plans the company has for Japan, where she has stated that the plan they are starting to develop will take 5 years to complete , so we see the complexity of this.

Apple bets on expanding in Japan with a significant investment
Apple bets on expanding in Japan with a significant investment

What we know of this plan at the moment is the intention to open a new Store in Tokyo next April 8th , but this will be nothing compared to what they have prepared. In the words of Cupertino’s company sales manager, they want to open new stores in addition to subjecting the current stores to an extensive renovation in order to offer better services to all users, which is the goal that all the renovations we are seeing in other Apple stores are having.

It is clear that Apple wants more users on the Asian continent as it is a possibility to shine in sales, due to the large volume of population that exists in all Asian content. We have seen interesting movements in China and even in South Korea, Samsung’s territory .

But competing in this market is too complicated, basically because of the number of Chinese brands that exist and carry Android . It is difficult to make a space in the market with such a diverse competition and above all that they are typical of these countries, so users trust them more than a foreign one.

But we will have to wait to see how Apple’s plans evolve in the future to draw a clear conclusion. Leave us in the comment box what you think of these new plans of Cupertino’s company in Asian territory.

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