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Apple begins recruiting engineers for the iPhone iPod

It seems that dispels the doubts about the plant that Apple announced in November that it would create for a new production line and that would give up to 700 new jobs.

Apple chose the city of Mesa in Arizona to create it . There was a lot of speculation about whether this plant was a strategy of CEO Tim Cook to have the new Macs manufactured in the U.S., although Apple had never really confirmed that it would use this plant, it has been possible to deduce thanks to a job offer.

Apple begins recruiting engineers for the iPhone iPod
Apple begins recruiting engineers for the iPhone iPod

Apparently Apple is looking for engineers to focus on developing surface finishes, glass treatment, automation in the iPhone iPod manufacturing process, and more.

The company has recently been hiring a large number of jobs for the Mesa plant , Arizona. Among them, several positions for mechanical engineers in quality, and in which they have also mentioned the iPod and iPhone as part of their manufacturing.

Apple currently uses the glass sapphire material in the buttons of the Touch ID and in the lens covers of the iPhone, but the previous job offer seems to indicate that there will be more than just sapphire being manufactured at the plant or even speculated about an adaptation of this material, for the rumored iWatch that Apple might be working on. Glass sapphire would be an ideal material for this device , as it is a much stronger and more scratch resistant material than others, and can be used for thinner screens.

It’s an intrigue, and in the case that it was a new material we’re sure to be surprised by Cupertino’s again, since for example, the polycarbonate used in the iPhone 5C, has surprised everyone who thought it was a low quality plastic , and those who have been lucky enough to have it in their hands, have discovered just the opposite.

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