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Apple Begins Apple Pay Training

Apple Stores receive training for the arrival of Apple Pay

The launch of Apple Pay, the mobile payment solution based on NFC technology and the Touch ID, is very close . The apple company has started preparing for the launch with starting Pay training programs with its own group of retail store employees and working with retailers to prepare for the debut later this month. The training topics, shared by a trusted source, for the launch of the payment system in Apple’s retail stores have also detailed some new details on service settings and transactions.

As you can see in the picture below, Apple Pay can be configured through the Passbook application in the new iOS 8 or open the configuration process or in a new tab called Passbook de Pay. Some of these details were previously revealed in some internal code of the latest iOS 8.1 developer beta.

Apple Begins Apple Pay Training
Apple Begins Apple Pay Training

Credit cards can be added to Passbook through an iTunes account or by using the iPhone’s camera to scan their details. Passbook will be able to store up to 8 credit/debit cards, according to the training materials.

A payment system that Apple is betting heavily on

Interestingly, the PassbookApple Pay settings will have close ties to the credit card companies and banks participating in the service. For each credit card-bank connected, users will have a simple list of recent transactions and quick access to download an application attachment from the App Store, the ability to contact their bank, the option to receive push notifications, and a screen with their credit card number and unique device account number. Another interesting fact is that if a credit card expires, Passbook will automatically update the card with the new expiration date . Users will not have to delete and re-add the card; they will simply receive a notification that changes have been made to the card information.

According to Pay’s training material, the company will boost the service in its stores to make payments faster and easier . As reported in September, Cupertino’s company will use EasyPay NFC devices with payment transaction capability in all its stores.

Apple Pay, available October 18?

Apple has also informed employees how a product can be returned if the purchase has been made through Pay. As indicated from 9to5Mac and according to the training materials, a customer who wants to return an item, simply has to bring his iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to the machine of the Apple Store “EasyPay” to see the recent history of purchases made in the store.

At the moment it seems that everything is going well and that we will soon see this new mobile payment system working , the thing is that we still don’t know which will be the first places where Appe Pay will be implemented. An internal note sent to Walgreens managers indicates that the launch could take place on October 18th, while other sources say it will have to wait until early November.

We’ll see if we can finally see Apple’s new payment system working this week or we’ll have to wait a little longer. Whatever happens, we are convinced that the company of the block is betting very strongly on its new service and it only remains to see what will be the reception by users and stores.