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Apple becomes the fourth largest shipper of laptops worldwide

When we think of Apple what mostly comes to our mind is either the apple of the mythical logo or the product par excellence of the Californian manufacturer, the iPhone, but the truth is that our beloved company of Cupertino started in the world of electronics several decades ago with computers which were ahead of their time at that time. Today, we cannot deny that Apple computers are the best when it comes to the workplace, as there are few rivals. The American firm is once again showing signs of life after going from being the fifth to the fourth brand that has sent more laptops around the world.

As we have said before, the iPhone is one of the first things associated with Apple as they are also its main source of benefits, but computers, especially in its MacBook branch have a great popularity within this industry due to its comfort, reliability and durability , although clearly at a certain price and justified by the factors mentioned above.

Apple becomes the fourth largest shipper of laptops worldwide
Apple becomes the fourth largest shipper of laptops worldwide

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In the first quarter of 2018, Apple has managed to increase its laptop shipments worldwide by 18%, the highest growth of all laptop brands so far this year and right now the Market Share stands at 9.6% , 1.3% more than the apple had in 2016, figures that have helped Cupertino’s company to surpass Asus and become the fourth brand that has made more laptop shipments worldwide.

Apple computers are starting to stand out . As we saw in AppleSupportPhoneNumber, the MacBook is the best laptop to work on today for many reasons and this is starting to be noticed in this 2018.

Source : 9to5Mac

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