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Apple asks users for feedback on iMac Pro

Just in time for Christmas, Apple released its long-awaited new all-in-one computer, the iMac Pro. The brand’s new computer is aimed at an even more professional sector in which power is everything . Due to its price, which exceeds 5,000 euros in its most basic version, not everyone can afford it. But Apple wants to know the opinion of those who can afford it.

In recent days, the company has begun emailing users who purchased the iMac Pro a form . In it, they are asked what led them to buy it.

Apple asks users for feedback on iMac Pro
Apple asks users for feedback on iMac Pro

Some of the questions have been filtered in the social network Twitter , where users are asked to rate themselves and give their opinion about the characteristics of the equipment. For example, if they agree with the amount of Thunderbolt 3 ports available, the Xeon W processors, the T2 chip, the support of external displays and much more.

This is not the first time Apple has sent out this type of survey to buyers, but the style of the questions could hide a hidden agenda. That interest in what professional users want to see in the future could be related to the upcoming Mac Pro , which is on its way.

The reason for the survey would be in the Mac Pro

iMac Pro could be seen as a precursor to what we’ll see in the future Mac Pro, which was announced by Apple in April 2017. This machine will be modular, so it would make it easy for the user to upgrade parts without too much complication, as is the case with Windows PCs.

Currently, Apple has a team dedicated to the development of the Mac Pro, which, according to executives, will be able to handle the latest generation of virtual reality systems and film production seamlessly.

Apple plans to launch the team somewhere in 2019 and hopefully it will reveal new details in the October computer presentation.

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