Apple Asks Trump to Exclude Mac Pro from China Import Tax

Donald Trump, the current president of the United States of America, is still in his struggle with China. One of the consequences of his trade war with the Asian country is that various imported products will have to bear some tariffs of up to 25% to encourage manufacturers to produce within the United States territory. Apple is doing everything it can to ensure that this will not affect its new Mac Pro.

At AppleMaking the new Mac Pro returns to China

Apple Asks Trump to Exclude Mac Pro from China Import Tax
Apple Asks Trump to Exclude Mac Pro from China Import Tax

The new Cupertino computer will be manufactured in China, a decision that has been surprising since the previous generation with a cylindrical shape was assembled in Austin, Texas. Until now, Apple products were exempt from tariffs , but the situation regarding the Mac Pro is still not very clear.

Trump exempts from this tax companies that prove that some essential elements can only be produced in China. That’s why Apple has filled 15 requests to keep the Mac Pro from becoming even more expensive, hoping that data cables, GPU, power supply, heat sink, part of the motherboard, and some peripherals such as Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2 will be exempt.

The Californians will not have to wait long for the resolution, since should receive the answer in early August , as stated in Cult of Mac . Without a doubt, a decision that could have a negative impact on the success of the Mac Pro if the price of the computer becomes higher than the one announced by Apple in the last WWDC.

This is what the new Mac Pro will look like

Later this year , the new Apple Mac Pro will be available, a computer that wastes power on all four sides. Already dubbed the “cheese grater” because of its unique design, it is aimed at professionals who need a highly capable computer to do their job.

This new computer, which comes with an external monitor with 6K resolution, the Pro Display, will return to the modular concept. It has 8 PCIe slots so that users can expand their capacities by means of expansion cards, and can be configured with Intel Xeon processors with up to 28 cores .

Its price for the “basic” model (256 GB SSD and 32 GB RAM) is $5,999 , which will be increased as we want more power and storage.

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