Apple App Store Creates 500K Jobs in Europe

The App Store has already created 500,000 jobs in Europe thanks to Apple’s “app economy”

App Store applications are becoming a real business where many citizens and ordinary users are being increasingly attracted. Thanks to the so-called “app economy”, nearly 500,000 jobs have been created in Europe , adding up to a total of 629,000 jobs created or supported by Apple on the continent.

The apple company recently published a large number of statistics accompanied by attractive graphics which show how much work it has provided to thousands of European citizens and how the economy of the countries has been improved thanks, in large part, to its company.

Apple App Store Creates 500K Jobs in Europe
Apple App Store Creates 500K Jobs in Europe

“Since the app revolution was ignited in 2008, nearly 500,000 jobs have been created in Europe directly attributed to the App Store,” Cupertino’s company states in recent reports “Apple Job Creation in Europe.

6.5 billion dollars have gone to European developers

So far, Apple detailed that the 20 billion dollars generated by applications for mobile devices and tablets worldwide, 6.5 billion have been allocated to European developers , representing almost a third of the total.

“With more than 1.2 million apps and over 75 billion downloads, the App Store has created a whole new industry – app design and development for iOS,” said the guys on the block.

In Europe there are about 580 Apple Premium Resellers and each one has an average of four employees, which is summarized in a total of 2,320 people working in the retail stores of third parties related to the company, which would be added to the jobs already mentioned.

Apple’s stores in Europe keep growing…

As for Apple’s own official stores in Europe, the company has assured that it has 10,000 employees working in the stores, which is an average of one hundred employees for each European store of Cupertino’s firm.

“The growth of work for coders, developers, entrepreneurs and others could not have been possible without Apple’s innovation and technology,” Cupertino’s boys said, once again boasting of their good work on our continent.

So, as they say in WSJ, Apple has once again released some statistics that are at least as curious as the obvious: It is a multinational company that creates a lot of jobs worldwide and thanks to this, thousands of European citizens can receive a salary at the end of the month , something that is welcome in the employment situation in which we find ourselves.

What do you think about the figures for apples in Europe? , would you like to work at Apple?

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