Apple announces the iTunes 12 Days Gift campaign

Christmas is approaching and as usual many companies are bringing out new promotional campaigns. Apple also participates in this type of campaign and for some years now has been taking advantage of the Christmas holidays to give away certain content to the users of its products.

As in previous years, Apple has announced that this year it will also activate the promotional campaign 12 days of iTunes gifts . This campaign consists of offering a gift every day for 12 days. On this occasion, Apple will be giving out gifts between 26 December 2012 and 6 January 2013, i.e. from the day after Christmas until Three Kings Day.

Apple announces the iTunes 12 Days Gift campaign
Apple announces the iTunes 12 Days Gift campaign

We assume that this year Apple will make gifts similar to those made in previous editions of the campaign. That means Apple will be giving away songs, albums, games, books, and even movies through its various digital stores – the iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, and iBook Store.

No doubt this is a pretty attractive campaign, since allows us to get content for free and who knows, maybe some of the gifts offered by Apple we were thinking of buying and we can save a few euros.

In order to be aware of the gifts Apple will give during the promotion, we can install the iTune 12 Day Gift application on our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and so each day we will receive a push notification when the gift of the day is available. Of course the download can be done from the iOS device itself, but in case we don’t have one we can also do it from our computer through iTunes.

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