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Apple announces the date of its next results conference

Every quarter, Apple holds a conference with investors and shareholders about the progress of the business. The company has announced when it will hold its fourth fiscal quarter for October 30, 2019. In this session we will learn about the performance of the business in a quarter that closes the season and starts a new one.

Apple, like many companies, follows a fiscal calendar that does not necessarily coincide with the natural calendar. In their case, the fiscal year starts in October and ends in September , so this conference also closes fiscal year 2019 to make way for 2020. Therefore, in addition to knowing the results of the quarter, we will know how a whole year of the company’s performance ends.

Apple announces the date of its next results conference
Apple announces the date of its next results conference

This end of season is always significant because it includes at least one or two weeks of sales of the new iPhones. Therefore, the first sales of the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max as well as the Apple Watch Series 5 and the Apple Arcade will come in this last quarter of 2019 (although their first month is free and will not have an impact on revenues). Although the company has not disclosed the number of units sold of its products for some time (as do its competitors), we do expect some indication of its progress in the market.

As you may recall from 9to5Mac, Apple provided this guidance for the quarter just ended:

In AppleiPhone 11, analysis: redefining the limits

  • Revenue of $61-64 billion.
  • Gross margin of 37.5-38.5%.
  • Operating expenses of $8.7-8.8 billion.
  • Other income of $200 million.
  • Tax rate of approximately 16.5%.

With this in mind, it is possible that Apple will manage to close the quarter flat and that the iPhone will continue to stabilize and not increase its decline . The impact of the new products announced in September will not be measurable until next January, when a full quarter will be closed with them on sale.

At Apple we will follow closely the shareholders’ conference , which is publicly accessible from the Apple website.