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Apple announces that Swift will be open source

Swift’s announcement during the WWDC 2014 keynote was a great success and programmers were excited about all the possibilities offered by Apple’s new programming language. More interactive, concise code, faster applications, Objective-C support…, many new features that made Swift the best mobile programming language.

One year later, and with the WWDC 2015 keynote completed, Apple has decided that Swift will be open source . This sounds silly, but it’s a big step for everyone. With this move Apple will be able to get more developers not necessarily from its platforms to decide to use this system, and consequently adapt it to other platforms.

Apple announces that Swift will be open source
Apple announces that Swift will be open source

It remains to be seen how the developer community reacts to this movement and whether it actually succeeds in curdling outside the Apple environment. However, we already know that Apple is one of the few companies capable of achieving markets that they find impossible to conquer. It is really all advantages for developers to use this system, because it is updated, it is more modern and adapted to current needs and it does not cost anything apart from learning it.

Many of us dream of a unified system when programming , although it seems that this is practically impossible. Each platform and device requires specific elements, but the fact that there are languages like Swift that are more easily adapted is a ray of hope.

At the time Julio showed us the possibilities of Swift and remember that there are many courses to learn to program in Swift even some application that teaches you to use Swift, just you have to be willing and get on with it, because it can open up a world of possibilities .

Be that as it may, Apple has demonstrated that Swift is a powerful and reliable solution , and the fact that it does open source shows that they do not want to gain anything from it, simply to improve the working conditions of the developers, who are the true creators of the Apple ecosystem.

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