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Apple announces plans to manufacture Macs in the U.S.

Sorprendente entrevista a Tim Cook sobre Apple, Steve Jobs, los mapas de iOS 6, el futuro del Mac, sus sistemas operativos y mucho más

After the launch of the new iMacs last week, we learned that some games were not made in China as usual, but in the U.S. itself, but now it has been the company’s own CEO, Tim Cook , who has confirmed Apple’s plans to bring Mac production back to the U.S. , a plan that will undoubtedly arouse great sympathy especially in the current economic climate, creating jobs “at home” (even if it’s not our home).

Apple announces plans to manufacture Macs in the U.S.
Apple announces plans to manufacture Macs in the U.S.

As you can see in this video from Brian Williams’ Rock Center program, Tim Cook begins by pointing out that Apple is already producing components such as the iPhone screen and processor in the U.S., and reveals the company’s plans to move its Mac production lines to his country.

When asked by the presenter whether it would not be possible to start manufacturing all of his products directly in the U.S., Cook makes it clear that things are not always that simple. “It’s not so much about the price, but about the skills. The world of consumer electronics was never really here. It’s not a question of bringing it back, but of getting it going” .

Cook believes that the current American education system is failing to put enough people with the skills needed to work in modern manufacturing processes on the streets. However, he hopes that the new Mac project will encourage other companies to move manufacturing to the U.S. Because Apple will not only take over assembly, but will look for something “more substantial” that will play a greater role in production. “We’re going to invest more than $100 million” to make it happen.

Parallel to Tim Cook’s announcement, Bloomberg reports on Foxconn’s expansion plans to the US.

Neither company has confirmed without Apple and Foxconn that they are working together to manufacture the Macs in the U.S. but the timing of the statements can hardly be a coincidence. In any case, the project is not without its difficulties according to a senior executive at Apple:

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