Apple announces “Lucky Bags” in Japan for January 2nd

Las Lucky bags japonesas salen a la venta

We already saw how last year Apple joined the Japanese tradition of Fukubukuro in Japan. This tradition for the entrance of the new year has an interesting mix of antiquity and modernism , like everything that usually involves the wonderful land of the rising sun.

Apple announces “Lucky Bags” in Japan for January 2nd
Apple announces “Lucky Bags” in Japan for January 2nd

These closed lucky bags, of which it is impossible to know their content, is a widespread practice in Japanese shops . In reality, it is a reflection of the belief that you should not start the year with “old things”, so the shops take advantage of this to get rid of products that do not have much of an outlet.

Apple already did it last year and this one intends to repeat it. By buying bags at a price of around 250 euros (not yet confirmed), you will be able to purchase products that will at least equal or exceed the value. The only requirement is that no returns will be possible unless one of the products is defective.

Last year, some lucky people (hence the “Lucky”) bought 250 euro bags with an iPad or a MacBook inside , so last year’s queues are sure to be repeated.

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